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About OlgaYogaDance

Over 13 years of experience as a teacher

My journey started with training to become a dancer in Ballet, Jazz and Musical Dance. During this time I have also taken piano, drama and singing lessons. I  completed my dancer and piano qualifications in 2012.  Since 2010, I have also been a recognised Stretching Instructor in Stuttgart, Edinburgh & London.  I worked as a choreographer/creative director and created not only dances but also shows like the "Edinburgh Talent Show - Explore The World" in 2014In 2021, I have completed my RYT-200 Yoga Qualification with Akasha Yoga Academy and in 2022, my Stretching Coach Certification with YOGABODY by Lucas Rockwood after a period of focusing on a career in finance.


I have come to realise that living an authentic life true to oneself as much as possible is what gives me purpose, discovering what facets lie within us and fulfilling our souls when we are on this journey called "life".


Personal growth is something that sits deep within my practices and what guides my teachings, which are focused on helping my students better connect to themselves and focus on their progress. Furthermore, I believe in teaching that encourages achievable results - a very important part of my teaching is to combine different elements from my experiences in ballet, dance, stretching and yoga, creating unique classes that facilitate growth.


What makes OlgaYogaDance unique is the combination of yoga, dance and music - the combination of different elements from the arts and yoga practices. Book a class now and start leading a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Discover the joys that lie within you.

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