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Developing a Wellness Routine for Body, Mind & Soul

Since our lives have become increasingly busy, we often forget to take care of yourselves. Being connected now more than ever, surprisingly creates more distance between us. Overloaded with information on a day to day basis, makes it sometimes hard to switch off completely. All these factors contribute to a decrease in our overall wellbeing. It is now more important than ever to actively take care of our physical, emotional, financial, social and spiritual wellbeing.

The following tips are an invitation to help you increase your wellness overall, be it for body, mind, soul or more.

1) Wellness Routine for your Body

Our physical wellness is very important. It is our vessel that holds everything together. We need to honour, nourish and take care of our body as much as possible. Be mindful of what you eat and take into your body - this means everything that goes inside your body or that is put on your skin. Allow yourself to take time to prepare healthy meals and practice a skin routine that is good for your body - be it a face skin routine, feet routine, or overall body wellness routine. Include physical exercise on a day to day basis to help you stay fit, energetic and agile. With consistency and patience you will start seeing a shift in your body wellness.

2) Wellness Routine for your Mind

Our mind is the driving engine behind our body and soul. Having a cool and steady mind brings stability in your live. Try not to overload your mind with too much information and too many tasks. Regularly practice meditation to free your mind from unwanted negative thoughts or emotions. Most importantly, make sure to have a good sleeping routine. Get enough hours of sleep and make sure to take breaks between working sessions. Take time in nature, with good friends/family or animals to calm your mind. Switch off from technology that keeps you glued to your laptop, PC or phone. If you face issues concentrating or not being able to sleep, this is a very important warning sign for you to take action or seek professional help.

3) Wellness Routine for your Soul

Our spiritual wellbeing is something that a lot of people struggle with. In order to increase your overall happiness, doing things that you are passionate about and make your heart sing is something that nourishes your soul. Make time for hobbies that you love - for example singing, gardening, dancing, painting etc. It is something that you want to include in your day to day routine in order to feel more fulfilled. Even if it is just 1 hour a week or 10 minutes a day, the more you fill your day with these little soul boosters, the better your overall spiritual wellbeing becomes. Make sure to also create a soul nourishing environment where you live in. This means creating a home for yourself you feel happy to go to, having a good social group that lifts you up and gives you positive energy, as well as a good workplace where you feel valued and are happy to go to every day.

4) Emotional Wellbeing

Our emotions and feelings are part of being human. It is very difficult to switch off your emotions and feelings and just go by your day like that. We are human beings not human doers or robots. We feel and we seek connection to other humans. We are social creatures and were made to connect to other like-minded souls that we feel safe with. Make time with important people in your life and wait for the right people to enter your life. Try to remove yourself from draining and negative energy. Also seek connections that you feel safe with and you can share things important to you and be yourself.

5) Financial Stability

Living in a capitalistic world makes it difficult not to care about money and your financial stability. Try and be wise about spending money and set priorities what you want to spend your money on. Creating financial stability is like creating a safety net for yourself that you can rely on in good as well as in bad times. A good spending and earning routine is key for you to create a life where you can use money as a tool for your dreams rather than it controlling you.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts below.

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Loving this article! Still a work in progress, but definitely something I want to incorporate into my life :)

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